Tamás Waliczky: Sculptures, 1997, excerpt


For us humans, who are limited in time and space, time is a one-dimensional affair. We can move only along one axis we define in co-ordinates of "past-present-future". (In this definition, "present" is the origin of our co-ordinate system, "past" and "future" lie to its right and left respectively.) And, sadly enough, even in this single dimension we are able to travel in one direction only, namely forward.

In the dream sequences of "The Enemies" (called "SCULPTURES" as independent installation) I wanted to visually represent (with my modest visual means) the way our temporal structure differs from that of God. I think this question is the key issue of the piece. On the basis of fleeting everyday movements and gestures such as walking, jumping, waving, etc., I built in the computer three-dimensional sculptures. I call the "time crystals", for they preserve in frozen form brief moments in an individual's life. These srystals exist simultaneously alongside each other in space, and a virtual camera (whose viewing angle is to some extent the lofty vantage point of God) can observe them from any desired location. By travelling through the time crystals, the camera can re-produce the original movement, but from a diverse range of perspectives and at varying speeds.

Tamás Waliczky, 1996


Computer animation, video installation, 12'

Master: Digital Betacam, DVD

Necessary equipments for the installation: 1 DVD player, 1 video projector, or (second version) 3 DVD players, 3 projectors.

Conception: Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi

Direction and computer animation: Tamás Waliczky

Computer animation assistance: Christina Zartmann

Software (Xfrog): Bernd Lintermann

The piece was originally designed and performed for the opera of Mesias Maiguashca called "The Enemies"

Producer: Heike Staff

Commissioned and produced by ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe

Copyright © 1997 Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi


Computer/video installation.

The new, re-edited and re-designed version of the "Sculptures" with 3 projection screens, produced especially for the Anteprima Bovisa - Milano Europa 2000 exhibition.

The "TIME/SPACE (SCULPTURES)" installation in PAC, Milano.

Images copyright © 1997 Tamás Waliczky

"Sculptures" in "Perspectiva" exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest, 1999

Picture provided by C3