Our surroundings are full of machineries which we use, and even think that perhaps we couldn't live without them, but for different reasons their functioning principles are generally forgotten or never known. As human mind allways tried to find explanation for those forces that influenced his life, in my pictures I try to elaborate and represent - of course remaining faithful to my artistical purposes - the essence of the machines and structures by which I am surrounded. I want to express also my honour to the inventors.

I intentionally projected my objects in black-and-white context, emphasising the substantive similarity with the early burlesque films, where the machines had got personality, sense of humour.

My compositions are also diagnoses of our epoch. Leonardo da Vinci was able to make projects for the following generations; I am just only trying to understand the machineries of my age. In my experimental works I would like to elaborate, step by step, a form that I think is adequate for representing the surrounding world. So far as that I am realist, and my artistical style is so much different from the realism.

Tamás Waliczky


Computer graphic series, originally A3 prints.




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